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The Combat is one of the world’s Leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality infection control, single use and preventive respiratory products for the medical healthcare workers, industries, laboratory and the general public. Combat offers a complete range of premium quality products, from medical examination gloves, medical gowns and other protective apparel, surgical and procedure products, protective products, to a full range of stylish design face covering. Combat complies with the requirements of ISO13485:2016 certification.

Learned that the oukbreak of COVID-19 crisis had created an urgent need for personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and general public all over the world, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to far exceed supply for the entire industry, we are committed to provide personal protective equipment to health care workers, focusing on the front lines of COVID-19. We continue working with governments, health agencies, distributors and others to prioritize supplies to the most critical customer and public health needs.

We are grateful for the work that Combat is doing to support the public health response and are taking actions to help protect and support them, including offering remote work when possible and providing robust safety protocols in our facilities. The safety of our employees and the public, including health care workers and first responders fighting COVID-19, is our highest priority.


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